My name is Roland Butkevic. And welcome to the most simple website on internet. Now I want to share with you my own experience on trading and how I personally reached it. But firstly, I must warn you - all trading contains significant risk of loosing all your capital. OK now, let’s go.

So the first thing I did is that I started to read all of trading books
Secondly, I started trading on virtual money for more than 1 year with demo account. Only then I invested some real money. Trading was quite hard for me
I personally lost all of my first deposit for the first time :/ But after 2 years of trading I become more confident.
Then things got different from that time... I was trading on stocks, indices, also not so far ago I started trading at binary options. Binary – it means you got 2 trading options; price will go up. Or it will go down. Personally for me, binaries were very hard, performing worse than other trading instruments. So, that’s my short story for today.

Two main lessons for today are the following:
1. Work hard, study all of info out there.
2. Do not risk your real money if you fell you are not ready
And as I mentioned, trading is very risky and very…VERY hard Do not believe in those, who tell you trading is easy. Because trading is not easy-it is significally HARD,

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You can loose all your capital in one minute. IT is also not suitable for beginners. All of traders who make money – are professionals with many years trading. So what’s the catch? Well, if you study well. It might work quite not so bad for you later.. And to begin with.. For now I want to share with you my personal binary brokers. They are both fine and I work with them all. At this moment, I am not giving you any investment ideas or techniques. Nor do I give to you any strategies. I just shared some of my personal information with you. And I also giving you an apportunity to learn on how to trade by yourself. So, thank you for your attention. P.s. one last warning: Your capital is at risk, and that all material provided here is not ant investment advice. The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you can not afford to loose.